New Year New Skill

Originally posted 31/12/2015

For the past 11 years I have done everything I could to avoid Christmas, I have travelled to many non Christian countries to escape anything remotely “Christmassy” (a strawberry tart in a busy Marrakech cafe and fish curry on an Indian beach. Both on 25th Dec were highlights)

More recently I have had to stay closer to home, you see my hottie comes with a plus 1, and let’s face it every parent wants to see their child on Christmas Day. So a box set of Luther and a take away were on the agenda.

New year is another matter, I love it, party frocks, Champagne, everyone in the party mood and New Years resolutions (OK, I have never got around to the getting fit and healthy resolution), but i love them. Fresh start. New plans.

In 2014 I challenged myself not to buy any new clothes for 12 months. Easy, I could make my own you see, and it continues. I buy the odd pair of leggings, and bits and bobs from the charity shop, but nothing like the full blown shopping addiction I used to have.

Why not challenge yourself in the new year, make a resolution to learn a new skill, or just to keep stuff out of the landfill.

Make More Spend Less.

Whatever your plans this new year. Have a happy and safe one.

Here’s to 2016 and our new look shop.

TTFN Love linsey @dollys


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