Me, Myself & I

Me, Myself & I
Now I know the “professional way” of referring to your business is “we”. I’m not sure if this is the Royal we or to give the impression of a great big corporation, but, Dolly’s is neither.

It just Me behind the scenes doing all the “stuff”, this is by no means a complaint. I like being in charge – OK some might say I’m a control freak, I’ll reluctantly take that!!

Dolly’s is my Business, I sold the coolest car in the world to finance it, our VW camper van was next to go, because I know Dolly’s really is something special.
Cycling to work on a rainy day I question my own Mental Health when making this decision, but it was worth it 😉

I appreciate every single penny spent at Dolly’s, All the parents who trust me to introduce their children to the wonderful world of sewing, The regulars who book on EVERY class and use it as a social life. The Hen party’s, Girls nights out, and the people who come from all over the country just to take a class at Dolly’s.
I truly appreciate it.

I keep classes to a maximum of 6/7 so every person gets the time and support they need. After all they have spent their hard earned cash, I want everyone to get the best experience possible.

The last thing I want to do is make a mistake with other peoples money, therefore classes are only secure once a payment is received.
Just making an enquiry does not reserve your place. Unfortunately I have worked on good will in the past. Things happen, life gets in the way, and people don’t turn up. Leaving me sat for the 3 hours assigned for a class after preparing for an hour the day before. It doesn’t work for me and Dolly’s.

I have done a quick tally, this last week I have given payment details to 26 people, only 8 have paid. I simply don’t have the time or resources to chase the outstanding ( quick maths) 18 people, and thats fine, they may have changed there mind.

Classes need a minimum of 2 participents to run, if a class is under subscribed it may be cancelled.
If a class is cancelled, you will receive an alternative – maybe a shorter 1:1 session, an alternative class or a full refund.
You will however be given enough notice so you are not inconvenienced too much.
If there is a class you really fancy, book it. It may not be on for another 3/4 months.

We have a new class added after the amazing success of Friday evenings Free Motion Embroidery class.
On Friday 12th August 6-9pm you can can come along to learn sewing – but not as you know it.
Look – Its amazing.

Have a look at our class list. You might fancy trying something new.

TTFN Linsey @ Dolly’s xx

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