originally Posted 4/11/2015

Belated Happy Halloween.

My Family make a big deal out of Halloween, My sister @itchycrochet spends a whole year planning her outfit. Her Husband is just the same ( I think it was a condition of marriage tbh)

The Brother in law, Sister and Brother.

I just don’t get it……

The deal for the last 9 years has been I will have her Children so @itchycrochet can party. The deal was sealed before Niece #1 was even born.

The job has got much easier over the years even with the addition of Niece #2, but they still get up at 6am though!!!!

This year we had “proper plans”. As soon as I finished work we hot footed it over to @itchycrochet HQ where 2 of the prettiest witches I have over seen waited. The Adults were halfway to ready too and couldn’t push there children out of the door quick enough. I’m sure I heard FREEEEEDDDDOOOOOOMMMM as we walked up the road.

First stop was St Elphins Park aka Spooky Park. What a wonderful community event, and all for free!

A spooky disco, zombies, hotdogs, game stalls. and the park was full. Just brilliant.

We then headed over to Warrington Museum with moans of “do we have to”. We were greeted by a spooky Butler, one of the many people in character. “Violet” gave us the plague, there were 5 spooky doll actors, a torture demonstration,a silent disco and a scary film in the taxidermy room. It was absolutely awesome. We have made a pact to visit all the museums regularly.

With enough time to see Steven Heaton’s work in situ, we headed off for cups of tea and hot baths.

I may not be the biggest Halloween fan, but it certainly is growing on me.

Have a good week.

TTFN Linsey @Dolly’s

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