Dolly’s 1st Birthday

1st birthday

On 7th February Dolly’s celebrated being open a whole year.

Time flies when you’re having fun and it kind of crept up on me. It was business as usual on the day, but lovely people came in and out all day with gift cards and flowers, it was truly lovely. We even ran a little competition.

So much has happened during the year, not all the fun I thought it would be. Remember the crowd Funding? ( I will be forever grateful) Having to move buildings at the drop of a hat. Things that made me want to take to my bed and not get up.

When I think of the weird and wonderful people that have been through Dolly’s doors it makes all the hard work worth while. The new friends I have made, the great laughs we have had. The talented children who come with enthusiasm every week. There is never a dull moment.

Right now I am tired though, it has been none stop for over a year, my poor Family have been rather neglected. My Husband even started sewing so he could spend time with me ( he did rather enjoy it and was very good – but don’t tell him I said that) My house looks like an episode of “How clean is your house” and its a good job I can make my own clothes because I have put that much weight on I don’t think shops would cater for me!

I have a weeks annual leave booked from 6th March, So Dolly’s will be closed and all communication will be on hold. I have a reading pile next to my bed that if it falls over it may kill me in my sleep. Those books are my only plan for a whole week……… BLISS.

A heart felt THANK YOU to everyone who has supported the shop, nipped in, brought cake, shared on social media, booked on classes, bought from our shop and helped with the crowed funding.

Whilst you’re here have a look at out class list

TTFN LInsey @ Dolly’s xx


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