Do you want to change the world?

I Do!!!!

In 2014 I gave up buying new clothes – I’ve never gone back to it.
Next week our #ChallengeKayleigh completes her 12 month clothing sabbatical too. I know at least 2 other people who have also tried. Its brilliant, its catching on. The fast fashion industry is unsustainable.

2017 my plan was to try and give up plastic. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade and often end up in land fills or the Ocean killing sealife.
I was putting preparations in pace, organised a milk man, been to lush and bought shampoo bars ( it quickly stripped the colour out of my hair)
Although there was some problems – Toilet roll comes in plastic bags, unless you buy a 2 pack!! I drink lots of fizzy water, it ALWAYS comes in a plastic bottle!!!! do I buy a soda stream???

This changing the world business was all becoming too stressful.
Dolly’s is my business – I always think this makes me sound big headed. Its not. It means I take the classes, do the books, do the accounts, arrange the bin collection, the cleaner …………..
the list goes on!

I’m waking up every morning unrested with my head FULL – so much so i couldn’t remember simple words. It can be quite scary.

I’ve started to do bit of research into mental health and how the brain works, and basicaly we are not designed for modern life. We are bombarded with information, Social media, advertising, technology and STUFF/possessions. Rather than relationships, connecting with other people, experiences and travel.
For along time I’ve thought how great it is we are more aware of Mental Health Issues. We are more aware, because more people are suffering. Thats really sad indeed.
The budget for Mental Health care is bigger than the whole of the NHS budget. WOW!!

A couple of books I have read during my short Journey
Ruby Waxx – Sane New World
Johann Hari – Chasing the Scream

Russel Brands – Trews is really good, I think he speaks a lot of sense and is pleasing on the eye 😉

Try and make an hour for yourself and watch MINIMALISM on Netflix. an amazing documentary about streamlining your life, so the trappings of modern living don’t get you down.

So 2017 is going to be about improving the ole grey matter and that of people around me! I probably won’t change the world, but this year I’m committed to improving mine.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for 2017. Lets look after ourselves and each other ( ewwww that was very Jerry Springer)
Maybe New year New Skill………

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