Could you go a year with out buying any new clothes?

Early January I went into a charity shop where they were holding a half price sale on clothes. The shop had been gifted so many items they didn’t have anywhere to store them.

I have been aware for a long time that the “fast fashion” industry is spiraling out of control, the charity shop sale just proves that.

It got me thinking about one of our lovely customers is Kayleigh, she was one of the 1st people through the door on opening day and has been on several classes. Kayleigh is a shopaholic, if shopping were an Olympic sport she would win every time!

With this in mind I have challenged Kayleigh. For a whole year she isn’t allowed to buy any new clothes in return she can come and sew at Dolly’s anytime, attend any classes for free and get a discount on fabric & notions from the shop.

We needed spies on the streets, so the Warrington Guardian got involved. If the whole of Warrington knew about the challenge Kayleigh could be seen cheating.



Already Kayleigh is off to a flying start and has made a beautiful fully lined dress. It fits like a dream too.


Our 15 minuets of fame continued when a student from Warrington Collegiate came in to interview us for his radio show. Its on this evening 10-11pm. You can listen to usĀ here

In other news, things are really busy at Dolly’s, all our garment making classes are full, We now have 4 children’s sewing classes and sewing camp is booking up for February half term.

Remember Christmas ( yeah it does seem like a distant memory) Well I built a website. Why don’t you have a quick peep here.

Well that’s all for now, I am currently working on some class dates for March and April.

I’ll let you have them when they’re done.

TTFN Linsey

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