New Opening Hours

Just a card


If you are not familiar with the #Justacard campaign. Check it out   here.

“If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought just a card we’d still be open.”

It’s the same in the Haberdashery side of Dolly’s. People come in and tell me how wonderful it is to see a shop selling fabric and notions, and then leave.
Although I love the compliment, it isn’t paying the bills.

Its been 11 months since our move to The School House and it has become increasingly clear that Dolly’s is now a destination shop.

We don’t have passing trade on our side of town, any offers of help from the council have never materialized.

Now, I have never been “bored” in the shop and can always find something to do or make. Opening a shop for 8 hours and it being fruitless is soul destroying.

It has become increasingly clear classes pay the bills at Dolly’s. (Not a complaint, I rather love them) So until the bridge street redevelopment is complete. Dolly’s will only open for classes. I will obviously be in earlier to prepare and set up.

I have a new jazzy box for outside the shop for leaflets and class info plus I will keep everyone informed on social media/website of weekly classes and opening hours.

I will have the shop phone with me, so can still take  telephone inquiries.

With 99% of classes being booked online it is the best decision for the business.

Thank you all for your continued support. This small business really appreciates it.

TTFN #linsey @Dollys

Dolly's Haberdashery & Sewing School