My Week In Frocks


Last week Me and the Hottie had a much needed week away to Malta.

We actually went to celebrate the Hottie’s 50th Birthday and spend some time with his best friend.

I made 8 dresses for the trip………………. want to see some pics?

(I am adding a disclaimer at this point, the woman in these pictures is not the woman I see in the mirror. I’ve mentioned before since opening Dolly’s I have neglected myself to the tune of 2 stone. This is not a permanent feature. TRUST ME!)

holiday pic 8

And they’re off…………..


Fabric from Dolly’s £5 per mtr. Simplicity Pattern £6

Total £17

holiday pic 2

A night out for Birthday Celebrations


Fabric A gift from the lovely House of Heaton. Pattern as before.

Total Free!

holiday pic 3

A walk out to the Beach


Fabric e-bay £5 per mtr. Pattern made up out of my head!

Total £15

holiday pic 4

A day over at Barzebbuga


Fabric £13 ( Hemingway designs, e-bay bargain) Pattern – McCalls £6

Total £19

holiday pic 1

A Meal Out


Fabric, another gift from The House of Heaton, Pattern as before

Total Free

holiday pic 5

Gozo for the day


Fabric £2.50 per mtr. Pattern as before

Total £10

holiday pic 7

A day of drunkenness!!!!


2 different fabrics both Hemingway Designs again £23. Pattern as before.

Total £23 plus a hangover!!!

holiday pic 6

Beautiful beach day out.

Fabric £2.50 per mtr Pattern as before

Total £10

All in all 7 ONE OFF, made to measure dresses. I cheated a little as I was running out of time and made 2 at a time, but i probably spent 5 hours making them.

Ok I had a couple of pairs of leggings and cardigans thrown in and I traveled in my Jeans, but the whole wardrobe came to £94.

The dresses will now be recycled into work dresses so i will get lots of wear out of them, so I can make a 7 more for my next holiday 😉

Fancy Making your own holiday wardrobe? Challenge yourself or learn how to on one of Dolly’s classes.

TTFN Linsey xx

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