• Do you want to change the world?

    I Do!!!! In 2014 I gave up buying new clothes – I’ve never gone back to it. Next week our #ChallengeKayleigh completes her 12 month clothing sabbatical too. I know at least 2 other people who have also tried. Its brilliant, its catching on. The fast fashion industry is unsustainable. 2017 my plan was to […]

  • Is it sexist to comment on womens clothes

    Is it sexist to comment on Women’s clothes? I recently read a post on social media, It was a newspaper cutting commenting on Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom outfits. People (mostly women) were outraged and angry that the paper had done so and obviously their outfits had nothing to do with there work. This got […]

  • Me, Myself & I

    Me, Myself & I Now I know the “professional way” of referring to your business is “we”. I’m not sure if this is the Royal we or to give the impression of a great big corporation, but, Dolly’s is neither. It just Me behind the scenes doing all the “stuff”, this is by no means […]

  • Holidays

      Dolly’s will be closed from 7-16th March for annual leave. Please send us a message and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience. Many Thanks x

  • Could you go a year with out buying any new clothes?

    Early January I went into a charity shop where they were holding a half price sale on clothes. The shop had been gifted so many items they didn’t have anywhere to store them. I have been aware for a long time that the “fast fashion” industry is spiraling out of control, the charity shop sale […]

  • New Year New Skill

    Originally posted 31/12/2015 For the past 11 years I have done everything I could to avoid Christmas, I have travelled to many non Christian countries to escape anything remotely “Christmassy” (a strawberry tart in a busy Marrakech cafe and fish curry on an Indian beach. Both on 25th Dec were highlights) More recently I have […]

  • Originally Posted 6/12/1215 Decisions decisions 06/12/2015Edit Picture this… ( said in the voice of the old lady from the golden girls) 6th December 2014, 10 days before my 40th birthday. Driving in Dolly (the original) to one of my favorite hairdressing clients ( her daughter actually painted our sign). I decided that at Easter 2015 […]

  • Originally posted 1/12/2015 So, we all have that organised friend who has all there gifts bought and rapped by 1st December?? Yeah, thats me. Now in my defence, I blame it on being an ex hairdresser. December didn’t mean the festive season for me. It meant work, work, and more work. Even my 40th Birthday […]

  • Christmas at Dolly’s

    Originally posted 24/11/2015 I’m really sorry I have neglected you, its been crazy busy at Dolly HQ. With opening our eBay shop, talks at the WI and Live Laugh Love Ladies Club as well as the day to day business and classes at the shop its self, I don’t seem to have 5 minuets. I […]

  • Haloween

    originally Posted 4/11/2015 Belated Happy Halloween. My Family make a big deal out of Halloween, My sister @itchycrochet spends a whole year planning her outfit. Her Husband is just the same ( I think it was a condition of marriage tbh) The Brother in law, Sister and Brother. I just don’t get it…… The deal […]

  • Winter at dolly’s

    Originally Posted28/10/2015 WINTER AT DOLLY’S Where is the time going? It’s that time of year again, and we are working hard on our “Hand Made Christmas” Decorations, Gifts, Heirloom Advent Calendars and even your Party frock can be made at Dolly’s. This week we have 2 new Garment Making classes starting. 5th November 6-9pm & […]