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Christmas at Dolly’s

Originally posted 24/11/2015

I’m really sorry I have neglected you, its been crazy busy at Dolly HQ.

With opening our eBay shop, talks at the WI and Live Laugh Love Ladies Club as well as the day to day business and classes at the shop its self, I don’t seem to have 5 minuets.

I also have a teenager in the house! I will just take this opportunity to say I am sorry to my Mum aka Crazy. She had 5 teenagers and we all managed to reach adulthood. REMARKABLE.

We are ready for Christmas here and have even got bit of spare time to do a make up service if you want something special for the party season. Why not drop us a line to discuss your requirements, we offer some very competitive rates and had a few orders already.

We also have lots to do to get you in the Festive Spirt, plus Sewing Camp to keep your Children busy whilst you do your last minuet shopping!!


As I mentioned before we have got involved with the Live Laugh Love Ladies Club. This is a club for friendship and activities for Ladies. This is something Dolly’s has always been about so it seemed natural to get involved.

Dolly’s will be hosting there 2nd event. On 2nd December we will be making Festive Rag Wreaths, with a light finger buffet, tea and cake provided. This looks like a great night of creativity and friendship.

It will run from 7-10pm and is £20 per ticket. Pre booking is essential as we have strictly limited availability.

Don’t forget if you would like a tailor made Party or Team building activity we can arrange a unique and fun event. From Tie making to Knicker making we have it covered.

Well thats all for now.

TTFN Linsey @ Dolly’s


originally Posted 4/11/2015

Belated Happy Halloween.

My Family make a big deal out of Halloween, My sister @itchycrochet spends a whole year planning her outfit. Her Husband is just the same ( I think it was a condition of marriage tbh)

The Brother in law, Sister and Brother.

I just don’t get it……

The deal for the last 9 years has been I will have her Children so @itchycrochet can party. The deal was sealed before Niece #1 was even born.

The job has got much easier over the years even with the addition of Niece #2, but they still get up at 6am though!!!!

This year we had “proper plans”. As soon as I finished work we hot footed it over to @itchycrochet HQ where 2 of the prettiest witches I have over seen waited. The Adults were halfway to ready too and couldn’t push there children out of the door quick enough. I’m sure I heard FREEEEEDDDDOOOOOOMMMM as we walked up the road.

First stop was St Elphins Park aka Spooky Park. What a wonderful community event, and all for free!

A spooky disco, zombies, hotdogs, game stalls. and the park was full. Just brilliant.

We then headed over to Warrington Museum with moans of “do we have to”. We were greeted by a spooky Butler, one of the many people in character. “Violet” gave us the plague, there were 5 spooky doll actors, a torture demonstration,a silent disco and a scary film in the taxidermy room. It was absolutely awesome. We have made a pact to visit all the museums regularly.

With enough time to see Steven Heaton’s work in situ, we headed off for cups of tea and hot baths.

I may not be the biggest Halloween fan, but it certainly is growing on me.

Have a good week.

TTFN Linsey @Dolly’s

Winter at dolly’s

Originally Posted28/10/2015


Where is the time going?

It’s that time of year again, and we are working hard on our “Hand Made Christmas” Decorations, Gifts, Heirloom Advent Calendars and even your Party frock can be made at Dolly’s.

This week we have 2 new Garment Making classes starting.

5th November 6-9pm & 6th November 10-1pm

This is our most popular class that concentrates on making clothes to measure your body. It lasts for 6 weeks ( taking us nicely up to Christmas).

The new classes are up on the website, including all our Festive dates ( which of course include mince pies and mulled wine)


We also have 3 Groupon deals running.

Scarf and Mitten sets.

Christmas Stockings

and Beginners Crochet.

Book direct and get it even cheaper

Sew Saturday 2

Originally posted 21/10/2015

On Friday I really did feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. We had prepared for weeks, got the event in the Warrington Guardian (not an easy task) even Graffitied the streets of Warrington ( ok it was coloured hairspray and has now now washed off)
Saturday we were in the party mood down at Dolly’s, We have skills and are ready to share them. We had free sewing, live demos, goodie bags, 10% off everything, an awsome raffle, plus tea and cake.

Thanks to everyone who supported this event. If you were unable to make it you can still support us By purchasing one of the Raffle tickets that will be drawn on Saturday 24th October 5pm

1st Prize. This Stunning hamper, including the beautiful handmade paper bouquet by Boutique Bex.

2nd Prize. A christmas stocking class of your choice.

3rd Prize. A months Free Access to you and a friend for Thursday Social ( Previously cake and craft)

Sew Saturday

Originally posted 2/10//2015

We are really proud to be part of Sew Saturday. It is a national day running across the country in various sewing establishments. The whole day is to promote sewing ( how could we not be involved) and encourage people to get involved in sewing. I don’t need to preach to the converted, its brilliant!

At Dolly’s we have pulled out all the stops, we have free sewing classes between 9-2.30, Crafting Demonstrations with Vee, Free Tea and Cake, A Raffle for a MASSIVE Sewing goodie box, 10% off all classes and in the shop, Previews of pre order fabric, Goodie bags for the 1st 10 customers, plus loads more.

Come and join us, we would love to see you.

TTFN Linsey #teamdolly


Our Quirky Haberdashery

Originally posted 7/10/2015

So first things first, I’m sure you all remember our super sewer Laura!

Well, Sunday saw Laura’s 10th Birthday ( after a mini heart attack from me and her mum, we won’t dwell though) and of course she needed a sewing party.

Laura party was our first sewing party, she brought 5 of her crazy friends with her and had THE MOST amazing cake.

The girls made bags, then had a fashion show to show them off.

Happy 10th Birthday Laura.

It has been said that I don’t mention our weird and wonderful Haberdashery enough. Heres why………

Haberdashery is a vast amount of things, you can have every pink ribbon bar one and thats the one someone will want. We have never had the budget to stock “all the things” Fingers crossed we may do one day.

We do have everything we need for classes ( and a bit more) and specialise in one off, vintage and quirky bits like barkcloth, vintage buttons, leather pieces pus everything you didn’t know you needed.

Our clientele like that “something different” because really was one of the reasons you wanted to make your own clothes to be different?

Mine was…..

IMG_6745 IMG_6746

Please do come in for a mooch about, even if its just to see our “creative” storage situation.

The website has also been updated, take a peep. Lots of new classes, some festive, some creative and some will just keep you warm.

TTFN love Linsey #teamdolly

Autumn at Dollys

Originally posted 1/10/2015

I love Autumn, what’s not to love, layering up, crochet blankets that keep you warm as they get bigger, log fires, hats and gloves and not having to shave your legs 😉

I actually really like change, a fresh start, and a clean slate.

Since our move in June, we have struggled to find our place in Warrington. The shop now is on the “wrong side of town” (that sounds more dangerous than it is). Our building is beautiful, light bright and just perfect for us. We have “heaven out of the back door” seriously come and see it.

We have conducted a poll, and some of you have been kind enough to help us out.
As we don’t have any passing trade to speak of, days are often long and fruitless. Although it’s nice to plan new classes and make the odd dress it doesn’t pay the bills.

From mid October we are having a shake up.

Cake and Craft will still be on Mondays 7-10, but the shop will be closed Mondays and Tuesdays and re-open 12 noon on Wednesdays.

The new hours will be

Wed 12-9pm

Thu 10-10pm

Fri 10-10pm

Saturday 9-6pm

Sunday 10-5pm

Any classes already booked and paid for will not be affected by the new opening hours, and if you are planning to visit it may be worth a quick phone call or FB message just to double check if we are there.

We have lots of new things in the pipeline and really hope you can join us, if there is anything you would like to see at Dolly’s drop us a line we would love to here from you.


Dollys News

Originally Posted 16/9/2015

Now the children are back at school Dolly’s has become busier, a few new faces coming through the door, lovely old friends and a buzz about new classes again.

We’ve had a little change around in the shop and made room for our vintage fabric closet. Beautiful bark cloth with amazing retro patterns are just waiting to be turned into amazing 1 off items. Pop in for a browse and a chat about what you could make.

Although things have picked up, we are not out of the woods. We know you are a generous lot and really want us to continue with our empowering creative environment, so can we ask a favour please.

If you have access to a printer (or I can post you some flyers) please could you print the below poster out and put on notice boards. Maybe at your workplace or local cafe or in social clubs? I think we need to reach a wider audience and really need your support.


We also have new classes added to our never ending list.


Kids tipi’s make great gifts and of course hand made with love.

£35 for the class or £60 with fabric included.


Our autumnal pumpkins are to nice just for Halloween, the pattern (that you get to keep) can be adapted to cherries or an apple.


Sensory Play mats have been a really popular class already, of course being demonstrated by our own baby connie helps.


The talented Helen Kolita is on board and is offering purse and knicker classes (what more could a girl want!) ALLLLL of #TEAMDOLLY have signed up for these.

We now have 2 kids classes on a Saturday. Vee does the morning and I take Dolly’s Famous 5 in the afternoon. Halloween costumes are under construction at the moment.

Lets get organised and make a start on our hand made christmas.

Your support is appreciated as always.


Dollys Angels

originally posted 2/9/2015


The summer holidays have been tough, we’ve had less people through the door due to people going away and the kids being off school. I’ve really felt it, both in the till and with the lack of new faces to get to know. With crowdfunding on my mind, I took to Facebook. We had 1224 “likes” on our page, if everyone gifted us just £1 it would give us some breathing space, but I didn’t just want to ask people for money. If people are that generous they need something in return. I have skills and am willing to share them.
With a few messages to our Lady Vee (who’s real job is in marketing and the business mind behind Dolly’s) we were a-go-go. It was Vee’s idea to call it Tip for a Tip, we are creatives after all, so let’s not go with the crowd.
So on Monday night, it was launched………

With a message to #teamdolly “share this girls” we were off.
The conversation continued.
WOW £4 already
£18, I’m crying
£26 in 24 mins
£73 I need a drink
£99. I can’t believe it!
£169 ******* amazing!!!!!
£182. OMG I’m off to bed.
Then we lost 3 likes………
By Wednesday morning we were at £360, that’s over half of the rent covered and a chance of a good night’s sleep.
I am overwhelmed and emotional about peoples generosity. People really are kind and it goes to show that #teamdolly isn’t just the 5 of us that deal with the day to day running of the business. Dolly’s is also the weird and wonderful people that support us, nip into the shop and attend classes.
I thank each and every one of you #DollysAngels. I have saved all your e-mail addresses and will have some witty and amusing tutorials in your inbox by the weekend in the form of a Vlog.
We’re not out of the woods just yet, so please keep sharing. I want you to know how truly grateful I am and will never forget your generosity. *blubbing*
Love Linsey #teamdolly