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  • Christmas at Dolly’s

    Originally posted 24/11/2015 I’m really sorry I have neglected you, its been crazy busy at Dolly HQ. With opening our eBay shop, talks at the WI and Live Laugh Love Ladies Club as well as the day to day business and classes at the shop its self, I don’t seem to have 5 minuets. I […]

  • Haloween

    originally Posted 4/11/2015 Belated Happy Halloween. My Family make a big deal out of Halloween, My sister @itchycrochet spends a whole year planning her outfit. Her Husband is just the same ( I think it was a condition of marriage tbh) The Brother in law, Sister and Brother. I just don’t get it…… The deal […]

  • Winter at dolly’s

    Originally Posted28/10/2015 WINTER AT DOLLY’S Where is the time going? It’s that time of year again, and we are working hard on our “Hand Made Christmas” Decorations, Gifts, Heirloom Advent Calendars and even your Party frock can be made at Dolly’s. This week we have 2 new Garment Making classes starting. 5th November 6-9pm & […]

  • Sew Saturday 2

    Originally posted 21/10/2015 On Friday I really did feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. We had prepared for weeks, got the event in the Warrington Guardian (not an easy task) even Graffitied the streets of Warrington ( ok it was coloured hairspray and has now now washed off) Saturday we were in the party […]

  • Sew Saturday

    Originally posted 2/10//2015 We are really proud to be part of Sew Saturday. It is a national day running across the country in various sewing establishments. The whole day is to promote sewing ( how could we not be involved) and encourage people to get involved in sewing. I don’t need to preach to the […]

  • Our Quirky Haberdashery

    Originally posted 7/10/2015 So first things first, I’m sure you all remember our super sewer Laura! Well, Sunday saw Laura’s 10th Birthday ( after a mini heart attack from me and her mum, we won’t dwell though) and of course she needed a sewing party. Laura party was our first sewing party, she brought 5 […]

  • Autumn at Dollys

    Originally posted 1/10/2015 I love Autumn, what’s not to love, layering up, crochet blankets that keep you warm as they get bigger, log fires, hats and gloves and not having to shave your legs 😉 I actually really like change, a fresh start, and a clean slate. Since our move in June, we have struggled […]

  • Dollys News

    Originally Posted 16/9/2015 Now the children are back at school Dolly’s has become busier, a few new faces coming through the door, lovely old friends and a buzz about new classes again. We’ve had a little change around in the shop and made room for our vintage fabric closet. Beautiful bark cloth with amazing retro […]

  • Dollys Angels

    originally posted 2/9/2015   The summer holidays have been tough, we’ve had less people through the door due to people going away and the kids being off school. I’ve really felt it, both in the till and with the lack of new faces to get to know. With crowdfunding on my mind, I took to […]