Autumn at Dollys

Originally posted 1/10/2015

I love Autumn, what’s not to love, layering up, crochet blankets that keep you warm as they get bigger, log fires, hats and gloves and not having to shave your legs 😉

I actually really like change, a fresh start, and a clean slate.

Since our move in June, we have struggled to find our place in Warrington. The shop now is on the “wrong side of town” (that sounds more dangerous than it is). Our building is beautiful, light bright and just perfect for us. We have “heaven out of the back door” seriously come and see it.

We have conducted a poll, and some of you have been kind enough to help us out.
As we don’t have any passing trade to speak of, days are often long and fruitless. Although it’s nice to plan new classes and make the odd dress it doesn’t pay the bills.

From mid October we are having a shake up.

Cake and Craft will still be on Mondays 7-10, but the shop will be closed Mondays and Tuesdays and re-open 12 noon on Wednesdays.

The new hours will be

Wed 12-9pm

Thu 10-10pm

Fri 10-10pm

Saturday 9-6pm

Sunday 10-5pm

Any classes already booked and paid for will not be affected by the new opening hours, and if you are planning to visit it may be worth a quick phone call or FB message just to double check if we are there.

We have lots of new things in the pipeline and really hope you can join us, if there is anything you would like to see at Dolly’s drop us a line we would love to here from you.


Dollys News

Originally Posted 16/9/2015

Now the children are back at school Dolly’s has become busier, a few new faces coming through the door, lovely old friends and a buzz about new classes again.

We’ve had a little change around in the shop and made room for our vintage fabric closet. Beautiful bark cloth with amazing retro patterns are just waiting to be turned into amazing 1 off items. Pop in for a browse and a chat about what you could make.

Although things have picked up, we are not out of the woods. We know you are a generous lot and really want us to continue with our empowering creative environment, so can we ask a favour please.

If you have access to a printer (or I can post you some flyers) please could you print the below poster out and put on notice boards. Maybe at your workplace or local cafe or in social clubs? I think we need to reach a wider audience and really need your support.


We also have new classes added to our never ending list.


Kids tipi’s make great gifts and of course hand made with love.

£35 for the class or £60 with fabric included.


Our autumnal pumpkins are to nice just for Halloween, the pattern (that you get to keep) can be adapted to cherries or an apple.


Sensory Play mats have been a really popular class already, of course being demonstrated by our own baby connie helps.


The talented Helen Kolita is on board and is offering purse and knicker classes (what more could a girl want!) ALLLLL of #TEAMDOLLY have signed up for these.

We now have 2 kids classes on a Saturday. Vee does the morning and I take Dolly’s Famous 5 in the afternoon. Halloween costumes are under construction at the moment.

Lets get organised and make a start on our hand made christmas.

Your support is appreciated as always.


Dollys Angels

originally posted 2/9/2015


The summer holidays have been tough, we’ve had less people through the door due to people going away and the kids being off school. I’ve really felt it, both in the till and with the lack of new faces to get to know. With crowdfunding on my mind, I took to Facebook. We had 1224 “likes” on our page, if everyone gifted us just £1 it would give us some breathing space, but I didn’t just want to ask people for money. If people are that generous they need something in return. I have skills and am willing to share them.
With a few messages to our Lady Vee (who’s real job is in marketing and the business mind behind Dolly’s) we were a-go-go. It was Vee’s idea to call it Tip for a Tip, we are creatives after all, so let’s not go with the crowd.
So on Monday night, it was launched………

With a message to #teamdolly “share this girls” we were off.
The conversation continued.
WOW £4 already
£18, I’m crying
£26 in 24 mins
£73 I need a drink
£99. I can’t believe it!
£169 ******* amazing!!!!!
£182. OMG I’m off to bed.
Then we lost 3 likes………
By Wednesday morning we were at £360, that’s over half of the rent covered and a chance of a good night’s sleep.
I am overwhelmed and emotional about peoples generosity. People really are kind and it goes to show that #teamdolly isn’t just the 5 of us that deal with the day to day running of the business. Dolly’s is also the weird and wonderful people that support us, nip into the shop and attend classes.
I thank each and every one of you #DollysAngels. I have saved all your e-mail addresses and will have some witty and amusing tutorials in your inbox by the weekend in the form of a Vlog.
We’re not out of the woods just yet, so please keep sharing. I want you to know how truly grateful I am and will never forget your generosity. *blubbing*
Love Linsey #teamdolly

Ever wanted to make clothes that actually fit you.

Originally posted 5/8/2015

Ever wanted to make clothes that actually FIT YOU?
Now is your chance.
Our most popular class i for the first time being held on Saturday’s.
Starting on Saturday 8th August we have places on our 6 week course. 11-2pm

Do shop clothes not fit properly?
Do you want a vintage look, but have a modern womanly figure?
Are you a man who has been inspired by the sewing bee?
Do you just want to dress differently from the crowd?
Or are you environmentally conscious and want to learn a new skill to upcycle and “make more, spend less”?

Well this is the class for you………..
You will learn how to put your body shape onto a paper pattern, how to alter a paper pattern to fit you. Construction of a garment and a few “tricks of the trade”.
You will also get to grips with pattern language and terminology.

Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

Don’t worry if you can’t come to all 6 classes, we are flexible and you can always fill in.

Dont delay, this class will book up.


A week at Dollys #4

Originally posted 31/7/15


After a lovely and eventful week off (well 5 days because I couldn’t stop myself from working) I feel refreshed and organised. All the accounts are up to dste, and plans for out “Home made Christmas” are underway.

Sorry to mention the “c” word, but if we’re going to make a majority of our gifts this year. We need to make a start.

On Monday we had some great new sewers in. Molly 5, Olivia 10 and Grandma Ellen. After mastering the sewing machine they made cushion cover and stuffed hanging love hearts.

Sherie was next in, she brought THE MOST amazing chocolate cakes, unfortunately they all had gone before I could get a picture. Anyway Sherie had never sewn before, but wanted to make cushions for her Kitchen sofa, and just look how well they turned out.


Monday Evening we had a meeting about our Woman Stanley exhibition piece. We put the wheels in motion and have made a great start on it. It was a lovely atmosphere. Creative women at there best. Baby Connie Dolly was pasted around for cuddles and was a charming as ever.


Cake and Craft was the busiest its ever been, both spaces being used to capacity. Great to see so many crafters getting together socialising and doing what we love.


Tuesday saw a new daytime Garment making class and the 5th class of the evening block, its great to see peoples confidence grow and we have some great garments coming together.

We also got some cool new recycled shelving fo our fabric.


Wednesday was a quiet day, and I think with the school holidays Babies cake and craft will be quiet, but lets see how it goes. Although we now have a new time of 11-1pm. this may be a little easier.


Thursday we had patchwork. some great pieces were made, Margaret had only used a sewing machine at school so after a quick refresher, she was off and made the beauty.

Vee had an embroidery commission. Remember the knitting girls? Well they are off on a hen weekend and are going in fancy dress as the Stepford Wives. Roller and all.

So there is no confusion it’s now embroidered on there pennies.


We we also have a great new groupon deal, on beginners crochet. Usually £40 now £24, but we would love you to book direct and get the same great deal.

Well that’s all for now.

TTFN love linsey #TEAMDOLLY

Groupon Crochet deal

Originally Posted 29/7/2015


We have another great Groupon offer running
Fancy learning to crochet, by Warrington’s own fibre artist?
Now is your chance……

We have a great deal running, a 3 hour crochet class for £24. over 40% discount on the usual price

You will be taught by Warrington’s own fibre artist Itchy Crochet, if you haven’t heard of her you may have heard of her crazy yarn bombing.
A bonnet on Oliver Cromwell? Hats and scarfs on the MASSIVE skittles in town. White rabbits and red roses on Alices’ tea party??
They say there is a fine line between madness and genius, if you look that up a picture of Itchy comes up 😉

Joking aside Itchy’s real name is Amanda and she has 2 great daughters, she is a great teacher and extremely patient.

Obviously the groupon is up and running, but if you would like to book direct it would be much appreciated.

The availability is.

8th 5-8pm
9th 2-5pm
14th 1-4pm
27th 6-9pm

5th 3-6pm
8th 10-1pm
17th 10-1pm 6-9pm
22nd 6-9pm
25th 10-1pm

1st 10-1pm
3rd 5-8pm
6th 2-5pm
8th 6-9pm
22nd 10-1pm
I hope you find a date suitable, and we see you soon
Thats all for now.


Picnic dresses

originally posted 25/7/2015

Picnic Dresses
With the overwelming success of our picnic dress offer, we have decided to continue the offer until the end of September, at the reduced price of £29.
All you need to do is,
Choose a fabric.
Choose a date.
Supply us with your size.
send us a copy of your groupon voucher or payment and turn up to make something amazing.
Book early because the new dates are filling up fast!!
Tuesday 11th August 2-7pm
Monday 17th August 11-4pm
Sunday 23rd August 11-4pm
Thursday 27th August 9.20-2.30
Thursday 3rd September 9.30-2.30pm
Sunday 6th September 11-4pm
Friday 11th September 12-5pm
Saturday 19th September 9.30-2.30pm
Saturday 26th September 9.30-2.30pm
Sunday 27th September 11-4pm
Tuesday 29th September 10-4pm
We also have an offer on our Garment Making Classes.
This is a 6 week long course, 3 hours a week.
In this class you learn how to sew and read from a paper pattern as well as make sense of all the pattern terminology that isn’t wrote for humans to understand 😉

If you have a creative teenager or you have some spare time during the holidays we will make sure you are finished for September so you can wear your new garment to show all your friends.

The new classes start
Tuesday 28th July 10-1pm
Saturday 8th August 11-2pm
Tuesday 11th August 7-10pm

This is are most subscribed class and I am very surpassed we are not fully booked up already, I know money is tight during the holidays, so £10 off this session.
Usually £80 for 6 weeks, Now only £70
You will need a pattern and some fabric, but if you buy from Dollys’s we will give you a great discount.

Well thats it for now, enjoy the sunshine.

TTFN Linsey #teamdolly